the UnPET Process


In 1996 URRC launched a research and development project with funding assistance from the Coca-Cola Company. The mission was to create and develop a process that would produce food grade PET recycled chip from post-consumer bottles.

In 2000 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), issued its Letter of Non-Objection for URRC's patented process - UnPET. The FDA clearance allows UnPET chip to be used up to 100% in direct food packaging.

Today the UnPET process and URRC technology, are recognized globally as the leader in producing Food Grade PET recyclable materials.

UnPET Advantages:

  • Recognized by The Coca-Cola Company as the best PET recycling process available.

  • Approval for usage by  Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola systems.

  • Largest Bottle-to-Bottle plant in the world built at URRC's headquarters in Spartanburg as a Joint Venture with Coca-Cola.

  • Worldwide patent protection and licensing of technology capability.

  • Governmental approvals worldwide for bottles made with up to 100% recycled content.

  • Environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

  • More tonnage produced globally than any other system or process.

  • Plants utilizing the UnPet process in Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, USA, Sweden, Austria and soon in the UK.

  • Raw material source not important to the process.

  • Provides purity and quality that meets or exceeds standards for direct blending with virgin PET resins.

  • Priced competitively with virgin PET resins.

  • Over 6 billion bottles made, filled and delivered to the consumer.

  • URRC consulting and design services available for licensees.