Countries utilizing URRC technology:

• USA (Spartanburg, SC - URRC; NURRC)
• Mexico
• Philippines
• Austria
• Germany
• Switzerland
• Sweden
• United Kingdom (in 2008)


United Resource Recovery Corporation (URRC), headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, was founded in 1992 as a process technology and service company providing recycling services for the photographic film / silver recovery market. In 2005, the operation merged and relocated to Tennessee: United DMS of Tennessee, LLC.

In 1994, URRC, developed and patented the Hybrid UnPET process for chemically super cleaning PET chip for food grade packaging. Information about the Process.

In 1996, the company entered into a 5 year development program with The Coca Cola Company to commercialize the process by producing food grade quality PET chip for bottle to bottle recycling.

Over six billion bottles have been produced from material processed at URRC’s pilot plant.

Company Divisions: