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Essential Elements of a Successful Recycling Program

  • A capable and enthusiastic program coordinator.
  • A secure market for the PET recyclables. (How much will you have).
  • A simple and reliable collection system. (Recycle bins and transportation).
  • An effective education and awareness program.
  • A qualified, reliable, full-service outside reclamation company (a recycler or waste hauler) .

Recycling Collection Containers:

Collection Containers:

  • Collection containers will be provided by URRC.
  • Each school will review their respective need of containers and coordinate through Wayne Brackett (Coca-Cola) or Brandy Gutierrez (URRC).

Bin Features:

  • Attractive and lightweight (weighs less than 6 lbs.)
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic.
  • Easy and quick to assemble; easy to disassemble for storage.
  • Transparent green so you can see when full; helps eliminate contamination.
  • Capacity approximately 6 cu. ft. (44 gallons)
  • Size: 21" diameter and 30" deep inside (not including space under the lid); 35" tall with lid.

Collection Procedure:


  • Each school will determine an outside collection location.


  • A representative from Spartanburg Coca-Cola will collect all recyclables from each school on a regular basis.
  • Pick up scheduling will be coordinated with drink vending deliveries.
  • The Coca-Cola representative will “back haul” the material and take to URRC.
  • All material from each school will be recorded as instructed by URRC, so that each school will receive proper credit for their efforts.